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How to Clean Your Windows to Get Rid of the Summer Dirt

Updated: Jul 2

Supplies You'll Need

To begin the cleaning process, prepare all the requirements needed like cleaning material and water.

You'll need:

- A window cleaning solution – You can use ready-made window cleaners you can buy from the market. Still, it is also advisable to make your solution of vinegar, water, and dish soap.

- Newspapers – Roll up sheets of newspaper to clean the windows while avoiding the formation of small strings of paper towels.

- A squeegee – A squeegee with a soft rubber blade is helpful in wiping the windows clean to avoid the formation of streaks on the glass pane.

- Paper towels or microfiber cloths – Prepare some to wipe the frames of windows and the sills.

- A stepladder – This is because we may need to clean high windows or even iron some clothes hanging on high windows, and in so doing, we need to use a high place to ensure we don't fall off.

Prepare the Work Area

Before getting started, you'll want to properly prepare the area around the windows you'll be cleaning:

- Make sure you are able to clean the bottom part and the circumference of the window, including all the corners. For practical exercises, it is advised that any furniture in the room be rearranged to allow the desired space.

- Use drop cloths on the floor beneath the window to cover any dripping that goes beyond the pan made on the window. Used bed sheets or tarpaulin are promising materials that can be used in this process.

- If you're doing this on a windy day, it is advised that you shut all your windows before you start cleaning since the wind might blow dust and cleaning solution back into the house.

Wash the Window Screens

However, if you have screens on your windows, then it will be more appropriate to take these off and clean them with the windows separately.

Here's how:

- Very gently, pull each of the screen frames off the window. Lower down carefully onto the drop cloths.

- Hose down the mesh screen with water using a garden hose equipped with a pressure nozzle to wash off most of the dirt, debris, and bugs littering the surface of the mesh.

- Let the screens to dry out completely then place them back in the windows that are now cleaned, this will prevent moisture from being trapped between the screen and the window.

Wash the Window Glass

This leads us to the next exciting step, which is washing the actual glass panes and not the frame.

Follow these steps:

1. Wipe on the Surface of the Window

If the window is not very dirty and only requires cleaning solution at the corners or in between the panes, first rinse the entire window with a high-pressure water stream from the garden hose. This removes any dust and other dirt particles that, if not removed, will leave conspicuous lines after washing the window.

2. Apply Window Cleaner

Take the spray bottle of your selected cleaning solution and apply it on the wet window in reasonable amounts to ensure all the surface is moist. Then, apply the solution using a microfiber cloth and ensure that it covers the entire glass in a homogeneous manner.

3. Cleaning with newspaper eliminates all the dirt on the surface of items or substances.

Take a balled up newspaper sheet and dip it in the cleaning solution; it is now ready to clean the window, but be very careful when wiping the window, it's better to do it in broad circular motions. Newsprint is not usually printed with ink, so you will find that this kind of paper will remove dirt without leaving behind some of the paper residue known as lint.

4. Squeegee Until Streak-Free

Slide the blade of a window squeegee in a vertical manner, starting from the top to the bottom part of the glass. Put equal pressure to remove the moisture and remaining grime in the window for spotless, shiny, and streak-free window panes!

Clean the Window Frames and Tracks

Fresh, shiny window sills, frames, and window tracks will further enhance your window's appearance after you clean them.

Here's how to tackle these:

- Clean outer window sills and frames with a damp cloth by soaking them in the cleaning solution using a microfiber cloth. Scrub the area with an old toothbrush where some dirt has accumulated hard to be removed.

 - Rub moist sills and frames with a dry microfiber cloth to polish and provide a shiny appearance.


- In the process of cleaning the window, ensure that you vacuum and clean the tracks with the help of a crevice tool and then apply a cotton swab that has been dipped in the cleaning solution.

Finish by Washing Window Screens

Lastly for the best cleaning of screens, you just have to spray them with the hose after the glass part of the cleaning process. It should then dry for a while before it is put back on the windows. Congratulations to your spotless windows and screens of streak-free shining!

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